Travel Smart with the Gluten Free App
October 29, 2023

Travel Smart with the Gluten Free App

Travel Smart

Well… we all know the hurdles we have regarding travel.
This is where Gluten Free Global can alleviate one of the hurdles to plan your eating itinerary easily.

Easy as 1,2,3 …..

1. Create and name a new trip:
Locate your eateries along your route, and then, by selecting the trip icon in the restaurant details, you can add them to your trip list. You can save this trip for your own future reference, and it will be very handy if you wish to share your culinary travel experience with Fellow Coeliacs.

Gluten Free Global app screen search

2. Once you are on your way, search for the first eatery on your list ( 🔍 search on the home page of the Gluten Free Global App) and then enter the direction button in “location”.

Gluten Free Global App screen map

3. Happy and safe travels!