Everyone has a story...
October 29, 2023

Everyone has a story...


If you have a story that relates to your experiences with gluten-free eateries along your travels, please share!  We all love a good story, and of course, the more eateries we can add to our Gluten Free Global App, the more our Fellow Coeliacs can enjoy exploring the world.

If you come across a new gluten-free product line and cannot contain your excitement (we all know what that’s like) don’t keep it to yourself – we would love to hear about it.  Do the taste test and let us know where we can “locate” your new find. 

Travelling on a longer trip would welcome easy and quick gluten-free meals to “eat in” occasionally or prepare for on the road.  Maybe you have a favourite recipe to share?  Display your masterpieces with a photo (not your location, though, as if it looks delish; we don’t want our Fellow Coeliacs changing their itinerary to head to yours 😉).